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Koh Lanta Resorts Koh Lanta is situated in the southern most district of Krabi Province, approximately 70 kilometers from Krabi province. It stretches for 27 kilometers in the north to south direction along the western coastline of Andaman Sea in southern Thailand. For the best discount hotels look for the LantaLanta.com all Koh Lanta hotels special to get great hotel deals!.

Attraction in Koh Lanta , Lanta Island

"Welcome to the paradise of Lanta Island"

There are many more interesting things Koh Lanta has to offer, so if you are here take a break from the sea and explore the other faces of lanta make sure you don't miss out.

Beaches and Islands Around Koh LantaBeaches and Islands Around Koh LantaBeaches and Islands Around Koh Lanta

List of Tourist Attraction In Koh Lanta  :
. National Marine Park 
. Khao Mai Kaew Cave
. Sea Gypsy Village
. Cock Fighting Camp
. Lanta Old Town
. Orchid nursery farm

a38National Marine Park : There are two beaches in the National Park; Had Hin Ngam (Beautiful Stone Beach) and Tanod Beach (Palm Beach). These two beaches are on the National Park area where there are no resorts. The road to here from Klong Hin beach becomes narrower and has some quite sudden dips and rises, sometimes sharp curves. Around the area rich and diverse with great tropical nature, trekking trail, bird and wild life walk way, great views where a lighthouse is located (the symbol of Koh Lanta). This marine park is at the southern tip of the island at the end of a spectacular drive. The beach here is a great place for a picnic, and dont forget to prepare your own food and drinks.

Beaches and Islands Around Koh LantaBeaches and Islands Around Koh LantaBeaches and Islands Around Koh Lanta

a38Khao Mai Kaew Cave : A great break from the beach is a trip to the Khao Mai Kaew caves which are located in the centre of the island, offering a wonder of rocks and caverns and housing spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. Even the hike to the caves is through a pleasant forest. Moreover, the real fun begins when you descend through a small indistinct hole in the rocks and enter the series of diverse caverns. Some sections are large as church halls, others require you to squeeze through on your hands and knees. Sights include impressive stalactites and stalagmites, bats and some sections in the cave create a cavern pool that you can swim in. To explore the cave, you really need a guide to find your way around, particularly inside the caves, and the service is definitely worth it; a Muslim family who lives near the trailhead to the cave offers a guide service for between 50 Baht per person. The cave is located justt off the lower of two cross-island roads, down a narrow 1.5 kilometer dirt path through the rubber plantation that ends up at the Muslim home.

a38Sea-Gypsy Village : Visiting their village is thus a worthwhile experience. Sea gypsies are called in Thai as Chao Le or Chao Nam, and are known as the minority group of "Thai Mai", meaning new Thai People. Originally, the sea gypsies of former centuries were living in their boats and were feared as pirates. The large community of sea-gypsies is settled in the Village of Ban Sangkha-Ou on the southern tip of the island. Nowadays, as being considered eligible for citizenship in Thailand, they began to settle along the coast in their stilt-built houses erected between the water level of high and low tide. Despite the close relation to other villages, the sea gypsies do not integrate into Thai population. They earn their living on fishing, catching lobster, and other sea foods as well as collecting bird's nest for the Chinese cuisine. Their belief in supernatural and traditional spiritual worship is still influential in the community as seen in their traditional ceremony "Loy-Rua (Floating Boat)". The village men will build a symbolic boat and place wooden statues of themselves in it along with nail pairings, hair and popped rice. By performing this ritual, they ask for forgiveness from the sea gods and for any offences they have made to the sea. It is believed that all evil is carried away in the symbolic boat. They still retain their own language, traditions and ceremonies.

a38Cock-fighting arena : Another good experience is the exciting fight of the well-trained cocks. Most Muslims men on the island are enjoy cock-fighting as their hobby; gambling is also involved in this hobby. The skilled fighting cock is considered as the apple of its owner's eye and also costs much.

a38Lanta Old Town : This is a good place for experiencing the living of local people. Situated on the southeastern coast of the island, the district capital locally called the Old Town offers the rustic atmosphere of the town of the past years. It has a post office, police station, wooden houses and hospital represent well its existence as a center of the island. The buildings are more solid looking than in Ban Saladan. The village of Ban Sangkha Ou on Lanta's Southern tip is a traditional Muslim fishing village, as well as a long pier, which can reach you to nearby islands, such as Bu Bu Island etc.,

a38Orchid nursery farm : One more place to recommend for flower lovers or if you like flowers to visit is the Orchid Nursery Farm located at Long Beach (Pra Ae beach). the entry fee is 30 Baht per person and it's easily accessible by bike or motorbike.

Beaches and Islands Around Koh LantaBeaches and Islands Around Koh LantaBeaches and Islands Around Koh Lanta

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Koh Lanta Lanta Island Resort you will find it easy to free your mind and get in touch with nature. The suitable time to visit koh Lanta is from November to April. When a full blast of "Allahuhhh Akhhbar" from the neighborhood mosque throws you out of bed in the morning, you know you have arrived on Koh Lanta, Thailand's Muslim capital lies the little known island of Koh Lanta, the jewel of the Andaman Sea to some, mosquito-infested backwater to others. It has spectacular beaches, stunning sunsets, best snorkeling, tasty authentic Thai food, fantastic diving, low prices and friendly people not yet jaded by mass tourism. It is a quiet and un-commercial island with the slow and relaxed lifestyle.There are many hotels and resorts, various air-conditioner bungalows on the pool side, or standard open-air bamboo huts. Check out all the resort information on Lanta Island Krabi isle like price, service, facilities, amenities, and their locations. See also the promotion and discounted resorts for long or short stay. Use our resort database to quick search for your.

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